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Culturas Corner: Meet Susan Yara

Culturas Corner highlights individuals who make their community a better place through their work, business, volunteering, or activism. Today we have YouTuber Susan Yara,...

Mexican Grandmother creates a YouTube channel to teach homemade recipes. It already has 265 thousand subscribers

“From my ranch to your kitchen,” is Mrs. Angela’s humble program. It shows us that the culinary legacy of older adults can also...

Mexican Abuela’s Cooking Channel on Youtube Goes Viral

Doña Ángela has already accumulated more than eight million views on her Youtube channel, “De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina” since...

Kids’ YouTube channel in racism row after cartoon angel turns black when she ‘loses her beauty’

A KIDS' YouTube channel has been accused of racism after a cartoon angel who “loses her beauty” becomes black.Hundreds of people have...
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