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Is “Hot Vax Summer” a reality or just another social media trend?

"Hot Vax Summer" is all over my social media. It seems 45% of the total U.S. population is fully vaccinated. With 319 million Americans...

Sad & Sexualized: The Renaissance of the ABG

It started with the Facebook event: “Find Your BAE Before V-Day.” It was an alluring proposition, but there was a catch: all attendees were...

Behind the scenes of ‘Love on the Spectrum’

At the end of July, Netflix released its arguably best dating show yet: “Love on the Spectrum.” The show follows a series of young...

Colorism is a full-circle problem for “Indian Matchmaking”

“Indian Matchmaking” is one of Netflix’s latest dating-centered reality shows. However, with its ties to a historical, cultural tradition, the show is a bit...
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