Yes, Our Son Was 18 When We Adopted Him -- But Every Child Deserves a 'Forever' Family

Katelyn Elise Moses/Tara Smith Photography

Katelyn Elise Moses/Tara Smith Photography

From before the time I met my husband, I knew I was not the kind of person that would bear children. I knew it in my soul like I knew how to breathe.

The weight of that didn’t hit me until a man showed up that wanted me for a wife. Being a pastor’s daughter with a Christian background meant marrying a nice man and bearing enough children to fill out the pew on Sunday morning, but God’s plan for me was different.

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that most people don’t like different.

My husband still chose me and chose to bear the labels placed on him as the husband of a "different woman." He never looked back on a "normal" life. Shortly after our marriage, we began to volunteer at our church as youth pastors.

Suddenly, our pew on Sunday morning was full of children, and it felt right. . .