We Talked to Muslims in the LGBTQ Community About Standing Up for Queer Youth

Images courtesy of contributors

Images courtesy of contributors

There's no doubt that the British Muslim community has had a fraught relationship with its LGBTQ

members—just take gay Muslims being pressured into heterosexual marriages, for one.

Thankfully, progress seems to have been made in recent years: the UK was home to its first same-sex marriage in 2017, while a number of projects founded for and by queer British Muslims have sought to reflect on—and provide space for—the multiplicities of its community, from London Queer Muslims and Imaan LGBTQ to Hidayah.

Even so, a majority-Muslim school in Birmingham has recently become an unlikely hub of hysterical homophobia, with parents protesting since February on the grounds that school kids have been receiving lessons about same-sex relationships, culminating in hundreds being kept away from school in protest. The protests only ended when LGBTQ lessons were halted indefinitely

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