This Skincare Startup Is All About Community

Mandi Nyambi (left) and Lanya Olmsted (right) at The Wing DUMBO  Taea Thale

Mandi Nyambi (left) and Lanya Olmsted (right) at The Wing DUMBO

Taea Thale

In a beauty industry that’s increasingly crowded, loud, and confusing, Mandi Nyambi and Lanya Olmsted want Baalm to be a sanctuary. “I think we can all acknowledge that there has been this big bang in beauty. There are so many products,” Nyambi says. “We don't have a product problem because there are more than enough options. What we have is the issue of being overwhelmed by the sheer selection of products out there and figuring out, ‘Okay, what’s going to work for me?’”

With Baalm, a membership-based skincare community, the co-founders hope to make sense of the noise. Before signing up, users take a skin quiz, outlining their skincare goals, routines, and favorite products. Then, for a $15 lifetime fee, members get access to individual consultations, product recommendations, events, and more. The startup is built on a subscription model, so it isn’t beholden to advertisers, and it prioritizes personalization, meaning no two members will have exactly the same experience . . .

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