Spike Lee’s Homenaje to Black Puerto Rico on Netflix’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ is Everything You’ll Ever Need


Season two of Netflix’s hit show “She’s Gotta Have It,” directed by Spike Lee, is well underway and one of the season’s most prolific moments was Episode 7’s “Hashtag OhJudoKnow?”  This particular episode was written and created by Puerto Rican writer Lemon Andersen. The entire episode was shot throughout various parts of Puerto Rico.

The show, which is a remake of Spike Lee’s 1986 Black cult-classic hit movie of the same name, presented an up-close and personal view of the ongoing devastation of Hurricane Maria and the resilience of la gente puertorriqueña. But most importantly, the audience was immersed in an aspect of Puerto Rican culture that’s seldom seen publicly — Black Puerto Rico . . .

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