P&G goes from ‘The Talk’ to ‘The Look’ to illustrate the unconscious bias that plagues black men


P&G shines a light on the struggles of black men in its latest film to promote its diversity efforts, “The Look.”

The ad, which the marketer previewed at the Cannes Lions festival last week, went live on a dedicated site today. It zeroes in on the unconscious biases that black men are forced to confront on a daily basis, highlighting the barriers to acceptance they face in their everyday lives. 

It opens on an African American man staring up from his bed, his blank gaze hinting at some sort of internal struggle. It then follows him as he goes through his routine, walking his son to school, shopping in a store, stepping into a restaurant for a bite to eat. At each point, he encounters “The Look,” suspicious glares and gestures of people around him. A woman raises her car window when her daughter waves at his son, shopkeepers hesitate when he looks at their wares, diner patrons seem to think twice about sitting down when they see him. The spot culminates when the man enters a courtroom—and then takes his seat at the judge's bench. 

“The Look” follows P&G’s celebrated film “The Talk,” which illustrated the difficult conversation that black parents must have with their children in order to keep them safe in a world full of prejudice . . .

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