One only woman is mapping the femicides of all of Mexico. Her name is María Salguero


Instead of land, forests and mountain ranges, the satellite image of that piece of America displays stacked red crosses, also violet and blue. Crosses that mean death –murders–. Feminicides accumulated in Mexico and counted over the last three years. A woman does this count on her own, with her own resources – almost none more than her own will -. She does the work the State should do. Her name is María Salguero.

Salguero is a 39 year old geophysical engineer from Mexico City. In 2015, she began to test formats that would allow her to prove what she already saw as a trend: that murders of women were not only occurring in the state of Mexico, but throughout the country. She grew up reading the crime sections of the newspapers and the papers devoted only to crime, in a country where violence and missing people became daily events, especially under the government of Felipe Calderón. . .

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