Once nonverbal, man with autism writes children's book so kids feel less alone


Growing up, Kerry Magro forged his own path. Diagnosed with autism at age 2, he often felt isolated and confused as a child because he had no role models with autism.

“Seeing someone in the media like myself growing up would have made a tremendous difference,” Magro, 31, told TODAY Parents. “It would have given me more self-motivation seeing that I wasn’t alone.”

He didn’t talk until he was 3 and doctors told his parents he’d never graduate from high school. But he exceeded expectations: Magro not only graduated from high school, but he also earned a doctorate. For the past decade, he has been working as an advocate, professional speaker and author — and his latest effort is designed to help kids with autism feel less alone than he once did.

Magro's new children's book, “I Will Light It Up Blue,” features children with autism as protagonists. The goal is to start important conversations by introducing characters with autism to children, parents and educators. . .

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