Offering Childcare at City Meetings May Be Key to Diversifying Civic Engagement

(Photo by  shameersrk )

(Photo by shameersrk)

Since becoming mayor of Ithaca, New York, eight years ago, Svante Myrick has been become known for many things, most obviously being a young, black elected public official in upstate New York. By his own admission, some of his policy ideas are gimmicks, like turning the mayor’s designated parking spot into a pocket park. (Take that, greenhouse gases!) Myrick also takes pride in knocking on 30,000 Ithaca doors and interacting with residents on social media, both tactics that go over well in a lakeside college town famous for its hipsters, gorges and hippie vegetarian restaurants.

This month, however, Myrick institutes a new policy that may make waves far beyond Cayuga Lake. On May 1, Ithaca began offering childcare at all city council and commission meetings . . .

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