Mixed Up: ‘I was spat at in the playground – these days racism is more subtle’

(Picture: Jerry Syder for Metro.co.uk)

(Picture: Jerry Syder for Metro.co.uk)

Mixed Up is a weekly series that explores what it means to be mixed-race in the UK today. The UK’s fastest-growing ethnic group has the unique perspective that comes with straddling two or more cultures, but that can also bring conflicts and innate contradictions.

It can be lonely to exist in an in-between state, but there are also shared understandings that unify their narratives.

Mixed Up aims to go beyond the stereotypes and get to the heart of the lived-experiences of mixed-race people.

Naomi Cortes is a writer and theatre-maker. She grew up in the 1970s when there weren’t many other mixed-race people in the UK – which was lonely at times . . .

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