Mixed Up: ‘Being mixed-race is like being a fly on the wall – it’s crazy what people feel comfortable saying’

(Picture by Jerry Syder for Metro.co.uk)

(Picture by Jerry Syder for Metro.co.uk)

Rob Law’s father is from Trinidad and Tobago, his mum is white British – but there are more layers to his heritage.

‘My father’s father is half Spanish, from Venezuela,’ explains Rob, ‘Although I mainly tend to just keep it simple and tell people that I am half black and half white. Which technically, I am.’

Rob’s dad came to the UK during the Windrush era. He landed in Liverpool where he met Rob’s mum and opened his own business. Something that Rob is enduringly proud of.

‘Dad’s business was selling women’s clothing and jewellery – which was quiet astounding for someone to do who was from the Caribbean and had only recently arrived in the country at that time. ‘But he managed to make an impression and he became very known by the local people, as well as those from his own community . . .

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