This Northridge Car Wash Hides a Surprisingly Tasty Filipino Cafe Inside

At Cruisers Car Wash in front of the Northridge Costco, the choice isn’t as simple as wash, wax, or radiator fluid flush. Walk past blue pylons into the gift shop to pay, and there’s the usual mix of greeting cards, massage chairs, and air fresheners. But there’s also a hidden eatery called Lilian’s Bread & Sweets, a bakery and café that’s served some of the Valley’s best Filipino food since 2015.

Manila native Lilian Masaya launched her eponymous business inside Cruisers with only a silver “DINER” sign over the entrance that indicates that anybody even serves food here. The defunct diner was probably fun, but nowhere near as flavorful as what Masaya serves from the bakery case or stainless steel bins at her turo-turo (point-point in Tagalog) counter.

Technically, Lilian’s has a printed menu on the wall, but don’t take that as gospel. Instead, point at whatever dish looks good and the counter person will gladly explain.

Most people grab-and-go, but it’s possible to snag a tray and sit at a table or grey booth with pastel green and pink stripes. License plates ring the room, and big American flags hang beneath high ceilings. The setting is a kooky, amazing tribute to LA’s food and car cultures.

Read more by Joshua Lurie of Eater Los Angeles