Her biracial family wasn't reflected in Jewish children's books, so a Greensboro woman wrote a book to change that

H. Scott Hoffmann / News & Record

H. Scott Hoffmann / News & Record

GREENSBORO — A friend recently sent Jaime "Aviva" Brown a screenshot of her book on hold at the Seattle Public Library.

"I cried!" Brown admitted. "I’ve never been to Seattle, but my book is there. How many kids and families will get to hear my story? It’s overwhelming to think about."

The 33-year-old first-time author's book, with a biracial Jewish family at its core, is a reflection of Brown wanting her children and others to see themselves in Jewish-themed children's books.

In "Ezra’s BIG Shabbat Question," the book plays off a very real moment as the family's conversion to Judaism is just a few years old and one of the children is looking for the answer to a question that has him befuddled . . .

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