Dell hiring workers with autism, hopes to benefit from their unique skillset

In what's called the Captain America conference room at Dell Technologies Round Rock headquarters, you could say something heroic is going on here.

"I was really impressed," Patrick Poljan with Dell's True Ability said. "One of the things that was on our agenda to think about was how could we do more disability hiring and particularly hiring people on the autism spectrum."

It started with a successful pilot program in Massachusetts.

Charles Surett was one of the first candidates in the Dell Autism Hiring Program. "Work is very different than school," Charles said. "Some of things I did was provide new ways of thinking to my team and implement new technologies."

Poljan believes this talent pool with provide competitive benefits for Dell while creating fruitful careers for people on the spectrum. "We think tapping into people on the autism spectrum have some tremendous talents that we can utilize in the company," Poljan said . . .

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