Changing The Narrative For Women of Color


March is Women’s History Month, which brings talk of the challenges, triumphs and experiences of being a woman to the forefront. There are so many great stories and inspirations that stem from this, and yet there is still the risk of missing the intersectionality of gender identity in our narratives. When we don’t think about what it means to be a woman who identifies as LGBTQ, a woman of color, a woman with a visible or invisible disability, an older or younger woman, etc., there are entire needs and perspectives that can get missed or overlooked.

To better understand the perspective of women of color, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sage Quiamno and Aparna Rae, founders of Future For Us—a platform dedicated to advancing women of color at work. As Aparna explains, “We believe that women of color should lead at the highest levels across all sectors.” Future For Us aims to accomplish this through a focus on community, culture and career development . . .

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