A Blind Man Carried His 24-Year-Old Disabled Son To Safety As Hurricane Dorian Battered The Bahamas

Photo Credit: Screenshot

Photo Credit: Screenshot

As Hurricane Dorian hammered the Bahamas, a father braved the storm to save his disabled son when the waters rose high. 

Brent Lowe, a resident of Abaco, Bahamas, almost lost everything because of Hurricane Dorian. The hurricane, which was a category 5 when it struck the island, ripped off Lowe's roof last week, forcing him to evacuate his home. According to CNN, the blind father was held up in the house with his son, who has cerebral palsy, his sister-in-law, some relatives and neighbors before the roof flew off. 

Powerful winds caused the waters to quickly rise making their decision simple: everyone had to leave as soon as possible. Lowe picked up his 24-year-old son, tossed him over his shoulder and evacuated to a safer location . . .

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