Autistic Teenager Creates App To Help People On The Spectrum

Ethan Shallcross, founder of Aumi.  Ethan Shallcross

Ethan Shallcross, founder of Aumi.

Ethan Shallcross

An 18-year-old software developer has created an iOS app to help those on the autistic spectrum in their day-to-day lives.

Ethan Shallcross, who has a form of autism and lives in the English town of Torquay, developed Aumi to enable people to manage their anxiety, monitor their mental health and reduce burnout. 

“The app has been built with people on the autism spectrum in mind, and his has influenced the design and functionality of the entire app,” he says. “However, it is not just for people on the autism spectrum. People who have high anxiety, are frequently burnt out, or struggle with their mental health may also find it useful.” . . .

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