Meet Black and Ginger, an Ireland-based Interracial Couple Breaking Stereotypes via YouTube

Culturas would love to hear your story. Tell us how your journey began.

Salman in Nigerian and Leona is a Serbian-Hungarian. We met in the United States where we both traveled from our home countries for the student work and travel program. There we worked together as colleagues and over time fell in love with each other. 


Tell something that you have found to be a blessing along your journey? 

Our parents and family support has been our biggest blessings for us over the years. 

The art that you create is positive and relatable to all. How did you find the inspiration to create this art? 

We live in an environment that seemed to be very interested and had lots of questions both daring and genuine questions about our relationship. This made us realize that lots of people are unfamiliar with interracial relationships thus we decided to share our story with the world to show how simple an interracial relationship can be just as any other relationship. Mostly we inspire each other and we are just trying to make a difference.


Your fan base is incredibly diverse and inclusive; was that intentional? 

It really wasn't intentional. Like we stated above, we started sharing our story with focus only on our home country (Serbia) and had no idea we'd end up having friends all over the world. It does make us happy to see that there's so many positive people out there.

Any tips for new couples? 

Our advice would be "communication is key and it takes time to become what Hollywood romantic movies narrow down into an hour and half. We ourselves are still on that journey after 3 years now"

Share with us one of your favorite quotes or the best advice you’ve been given. 

"Nobody knows your relationship like you do, so trust in yourself and follow your heart."


Social media tags / contact info: 

Instagram: @blackandginger_

Facebook: @blackandgingerr

YouTube: Black and Ginger