13-Year-Old Creates School Closet to Give Clothes and Supplies to Classmates in Need


Previously published 08/30/19 on https://www.10tv.com

An eighth grader from Louisiana is making sure his classmates have everything they need this school year.

Thirteen-year-old Chase Neyland-Square has created a closet in his middle school filled with clothes and school supplies for students to take.

Neyland-Square, a student at Port Allen Middle School in Louisiana, runs "PAM's Pantry" out of a closet behind a stage in the school's gym. It's filled to the brim with donated clothes, which can be worn by any student in need.

"I know that everybody doesn't have things and I'm fortunate to have things that other people don't have, and I look at it as sometimes, how would I feel in that situation?" Neyland-Square told CBS Baton Rouge affiliate WAFB.

Families in the community can come take clothes from the closet at any time, no questions asked.