African Americans encouraged to register to be stem cell donors

A woman signs up to be a stem cell donor (WZTV)<p>{/p}

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A booth at this year's African Street Festival is bringing to light a global health crisis impacting minorities: a lack of stem cell matches for those battling Leukemia.

For 37 years and counting, the African Street Festival has worked to celebrate the rich culture of the African American community in Nashville, but there's one booth that wants to raise awareness about a global health issue impacting this community specifically.

Lisa Kanakrieh is one of the volunteers who signed up to be a stem cell donor to save the life of someone in the world who has blood cancer.

"I think I would have done it sooner if I heard more about it, this is the first time I ever heard that we as black people there's not enough donors to help with the stem cells," explains Kanakrieh.

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