Family’s Creative Photo Shoot Is Spreading Awareness About Transracial Adoption

Keia Jones-Baldwin/Facebook

Keia Jones-Baldwin/Facebook

Richardro Baldwin and his wife, Keia Jones-Baldwin, desperately wanted to be parents. The couple, who resides in Kernersville, North Carolina, knew they wanted to build their family. Especially after Keia’s daughter, Zariyah, begged them for a sibling. But the couple faced heartbreak after heartbreak. They had multiple miscarriages and experienced failed attempts with infertility treatments. The journeys left them exhausted.

Richardro and Keia both have siblings and understood the importance of sibling bonds. However, they didn’t know where to turn to next. How could they build their family and give Zariyah the opportunity to love a brother or sister?

That’s when an advertisement on the radio changed everything. Keia was hanging out with her mother when she heard information about foster care. She wrote down the contact number and then asked her husband if he’d be interested in being a foster parent—and he said yes . . .

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