What To Do When Your Child Is The Only Black Student In Class

Photo credit BlackMomsBlog.com

Girl mom here. And I must admit, sending my daughter to school has me pretty freaked out. I don’t mean in the sense that something will happen to her but…that something will happen to her identity. Granted, this isn’t her first time in public school. She attended Pre-K last year and her class was very diverse. There were children of many different backgrounds but most especially, there were children who looked just like her. Other Black children.

Last week we attended her orientation and as I looked around at the other students in her class, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of representation. This is an unfortunate reality of many minority children. Of the handful of students in her class, majority were White. I saw one Asian student, one biracial student, and there was my daughter, the only Black child in her classroom. Granted, we only stayed for an hour and I only saw about 70% of the 23 students that made up her peers. I watched the parents and children come in and out to meet the teacher (who was also White). I said a silent prayer that maybe there would be another Black child that would be in her class that I had not seen yet. 

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