Hawai'i As A Cure For Racism? Some Say Not

Earlier this week, The New York Times published an opinion piece that carried the headline "Want to Be Less Racist? Move to Hawaiʻi."

The article suggests the islands can serve as a model for the rest of the country in fostering racial harmony. But racial disparities and discrimination cases here present a harsher reality.  

The story, which paints a somewhat rosy picture of Hawaiʻi as a multiracial melting pot, has generated social media buzz and criticism locally.

The article is based largely on research conducted by Kristin Pauker, a University of Hawaii Mānoa psychology professor.  She found that grade-school students in Hawaiʻi didn’t stereotype people as much as their mainland counterparts did.

She attributes that to the state’s high percentage of mixed-race people who don’t easily fall into stereotypes.

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