Julia, Sesame Street’s autistic muppet, has a new campaign to help teach parents about autism

[Image: courtesy Ad Council]

[Image: courtesy Ad Council]

In 2017, Sesame Street introduced a new Muppet named Julia, who is an autistic 4-year-old. She’s since appeared on three seasons of the show. But several new commercials highlight specifically how Julia’s life works a little differently than her puppet peers.

In one spot, Julia flaps her arms and giggles as her dog barks in circles. Her dad notices that she’s unable to communicate what exactly she wants to do, so he encourages her to use her “talker,” an electronic device with various buttons for different subjects and activities. “My dog . . . Play ball” is the message she taps into the device, clearly signaling that she wants to play catch with the puppy.

Like most things on the show, it’s a teaching moment. “With Julia’s autism, using a talker can help her find the words she wants to say,” her dad tells viewers . . .

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