‘Stay High’ with Brittany Howard and Terry Crews

In new video, “Stay High”, vocal power house, Brittany Howard, wrangles in the lip-syncing skill of Terry Crews, former NFL player, current Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor and America’s Got Talent host—— the outcome is the sweetest celebration of the highs of the hard working and hard loving new Americana family. 

Stay High is the second single from the Alabama Shakes frontwoman's debut solo album, Jaime. 

“This video is shot in my home town of Athens, Alabama. The actors are my family and friends," Howard writes in a press release. "Terry Crews plays a man who isn't out to change the world, he plays a man who just wants to come home to those who understand and love him best. We see his inner beauty, grace and humanity in a place that is so often misunderstood." Howard dedicated the “Stay High” video to her father, K.J. Howard, who makes a cameo in the clip.

Howard’s signature soulful vocals intertwined with the sweet lyrics, and beautiful cinematography delivers a sense of home and belonging to the viewer.