Hair Stylist, Mallory Thomas, Shares Her Journey into the World of Organic Beauty

Culturas would love to hear your story. Tell us how your journey with keratin / organic products began

My journey with Keratin Treatments began about 10 years ago when permanent straightening was what everyone with unruly hair wanted, and I was immersed in that service. It took 6-7hrs, was very expensive and clients would come in every 10-12 weeks to get retouches since their 2 inch roots were untamed and the rest of their hair was perfectly straight.

I remember sitting in the salon and reading an article about something new on the market that would supposedly smooth the hair, create shine and not completely remove the curl, and I was instantly intrigued. This new service took a third of the time and was less than half the price of the permanent straightening. I knew people would be excited about this, and six months later the Keratin Treatment was introduced.

Like anything new, there was a learning curve- both the stylist and client had to learn something new because their hair wasn’t perfectly straight, it was smooth, it was shiny, AND it was easy to style. Since the innovation of the Keratin Treatment I have only performed this service on my clients. The Keratin Treatment allows more versatility and is much less harsh on your hair as well as your health. When these smoothing treatments were first introduced, they contained harsh ingredients- and now, fast forward to 2019, they are much better formulated with natural ingredients.

Photo credit: Mallory Thomas

Photo credit: Mallory Thomas

Tell something that you have found to be a blessing along your journey

What I have found to be the biggest blessing along this wonderful journey is definitely the relationships with my clients. I have been trusted by so many people, and shared in their hair journey as well as their life journey. I have experienced so many smiles and been able to offer my shoulder to cry on when needed. I have the gift of giving and receiving in my daily life and my work is an additional avenue, which makes that possible.

I offer two different types of smoothing treatments. The word “smooth” refers to how the each service affects the outer layer of hair, known as the cuticle layer.

Keratin Complex Treatment

Keratin is a type of protein that is found your hair, skin and nails. What a Keratin Treatment does is to put the keratin protein back into the hair, which smooths down the cells in the cuticle, and gives the hair that shiny, bouncy result we all want.

Not all hair- curly or straight can be treated the same. Curly or overly coarse straight hair can have an uneven distribution of keratin, which can result in frizzy, unruly hair. For this client, a Keratin Treatment would create ease in styling with a smoother, shiny more manageable head of hair.


IncaGlow is a non-keratin, all natural organic smoothing treatment that uses 11 organic amino acids to fight frizz and provide smooth hair with radiant shine.

Both options I offer are 100% formaldehyde free and are beneficial for all hair types. A consultation is always a good idea to determine which option fits best for your hair.

Photo credit: Mallory Thomas

Photo credit: Mallory Thomas

Your client base is incredibly diverse and inclusive; was that intentional?

Since I grew up in a diverse community, I have always been of the mindset that everyone is included. I don’t like being labeled or limited into any single category, so I made a commitment to myself at the start of my career in beauty to know all I can to service whomever sits in my chair. I love a challenge so any opportunity I can have to learn about others and grow as an artist I am all about it. I have chosen to specialize in certain areas because I find it allows me to focus more closely on what I love vs spreading myself too thin trying to know everything.

Photo credit: Mallory Thomas

Photo credit: Mallory Thomas

Any tips for new clients?

My best advice for new clients is to be realistic with their hair goals. Magic doesn’t often happen overnight, it’s a relationship like anything else. Find someone you trust to take the journey with, and remember communication and collaboration are essential, on both ends.

Share with us one of your favorite quotes or the best advice you’ve been given

Early in my career as a MAC Artist, my trainer told me “The beauty is in the process, so appreciate that process.” This is something I often remind myself of when things don’t seem to be “working,” when things aren’t happening in MY timeframe.

The thing I love most about beauty, inner and outer- is that it’s an evolution, and that is the process.

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