The Orphaned Earring, a Non-Profit Founded by Denisse Montalvan

We are a non-profit blog dedicated to bringing arts and crafts, school supplies as well as year-round festivities to four orphanages in Latin America. As we help the orphanages we come across the surrounding communities' greater needs and now committed to helping them too. By collecting orphaned earrings and unwanted jewelry, we re-purposes and recycle the materials by creating bracelets to sell. One-hundred percent of the proceeds benefit not only the orphanages but their surrounding communities.

We are aware that, at this moment, we cannot fulfill all the basic needs of all the children but we strongly believe every child at the orphanages deserve a fun childhood. With a little bit of attention, fun and lots of love, we bring arts & crafts to brighten their life, spark creative thinking and at least for a little while try to make their harsh life experiences seem like a distant memory.

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