‘Staying Out Of Politics’ Or ‘Not Caring’ About Politics Is Not A Thing Unless You’re Privileged

Everyone has that friend on Facebook — the one who’s afraid or unwilling to engage in civil political discourse. Maybe their feed is full of memes from both their conservative and liberal buddies. Maybe they don’t want to take a stand because they’re worried they will offend someone. Or maybe they just genuinely don’t care who runs the country and what policies they enact.

So naturally, they post a rant. In this rant, they demand, “Why don’t we all get along?” They lament “the state of politics today.” They say they are “sick of it all.” And they close with saying they are “staying out of politics” and they “hope everyone else will too,” for the sake of their newsfeed. Then they add a kitten pic.

Sorry, friend, but your anti-politics rant is privilege in action.

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