Multiracial Americans of Southern California - MASC, a 501c3 non-profit

To seek to broaden self and public understanding of our interracial, multiethnic, and cross-cultural society by facilitating interethnic dialogue and providing cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

With this vision in mind, MASC creates activities and designs programs to serve the community and increase awareness and understanding amongst the public about multiracial/multiethnic issues.

MASC’s Executive Team consists of Board Officers, General Board Members, and Advisory Board Members. Our team is located in California and beyond, and our local board member team meets monthly in-person or via conference call to plan various activities to serve the multiracial community.

We also have a team of Interns who helps us on various projects specific to their interests and MASC’s needs. Our important roster of Volunteers help us spread the word about our programs and help attend and support the events that we have throughout the year.