Bikers Bring 30,000 Meals To Feed Migrants At Facility In New Mexico

Photo: Courtesy of the City of Las Cruces

Without announcement or ceremony, bikers from motorcycle clubs the Bandidos, Soldados, Squad, Riga, and Guardians of Children pulled up and began unloading 6 pallets worth of meals from Pack Away Hunger, an Indiana-based nonprofit that distributes meals to countries worldwide, reports USA Today.

Migrants immediately lined up to help and, within minutes, the entire donation of 30,000 non-perishable meals was unloaded.

The donation came after retired teacher Victoria Fisk, a resident of Las Cruces, contacted a friend who works for Pack Away Hunger.

"I was a single mom that struggled for many many years," Victoria says, "and something I always taught my students is that it’s so rewarding to give back."

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