Erin Gannon is ready to interview anyone

The radio personality, who has Down syndrome, recently won her second Golden Quill award

Not all that long ago, a woman such as Erin Gannon never would have gotten a shot at a microphone. But she came out of the first generation of children with Down syndrome to be schooled in the mainstream and now, at 46, she’s more than ready to speak up.

She’s on something of a hot streak, having won her second Golden Quill award for excellence in audio journalism in as many years. With the help of her producer, I turned the tables and had her sit down for an interview.

The producer, Jennifer Szweda Jordan, got her into this. They met seven or eight years ago when they both regularly took the 41 Bower Hill bus. Miss Gannon likes to play country music on her headphones on the ride to her job at the disabilities services group Achieva on the South Side. Her music can get her dancing in her seat so happily that even jaded commuters offer fist bumps.

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