Two Moms Create “Mixed Heritage Day” To Help Multicultural Families Find Their Community

Mixed Heritage Day co-founders Sonia Smith-Kang (L) & Delia Douglas (R) credit Sonia Smith-Kang

What happens when two multicultural mamas want their children to see accurate representations of their cultural reality whether it’s in books, on tv, as dolls/toys on fashion runways or even in sports?

“Growing up, there were no events such as “Mixed Heritage Day”. As a multi-ethnic woman (African-American, Native-American, Caucasian) and mother to a multiracial child, I feel it is important that we collaborate in creating a space where this new generation of multiracial children have literature, film, events and tools to help them in celebrating their own heritage; a heritage unique from being identified solely as any one background, but instead by any of the many ethnic and racial backgrounds that make up the multiracial community, then and today” Delia Douglas

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