These Cards Will Help You Celebrate ALL Mamas

“I collaborated with my beloved friend Ifrah Ahmed to portray a Somali family for this Mamas Day card. There is no ummah without our Black brothers and sisters and it's key we include, affirm and uplift them."—Artist Mojuicy 
Illustration: Courtesy of Forward Together, by Mojuicy.

For the ninth year in a row, Forward Together, a multi-state organization that advocates for rights, recognition and resources for families, is celebrating Mother’s Day (May 12) with the Mamas Day campaign.

Created in 2011, the campaign is an all-encompassing love fest for all the people who step into the role of mother, regardless of prevailing ideas about what makes a mama. Each year, the organization partners with artists who create original art inspired by mothers and families. That art is then turned into personalized, downloadable cards for the mamas in your life.

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