Judge Rules Against State Department In Same-Sex Couple's Citizenship Lawsuit

Andrew and Elad Dvash-Banks have twin sons, born four minutes apart. The U.S. State Department has maintained that one is a U.S. citizen and one is not.

The same-sex couple has been fighting the U.S. government in federal court for citizenship rights for their young child. On Thursday, a judge ruled that the child, Ethan, is indeed a U.S. citizen because his parents were married at the time of his birth, and therefore the State Department misapplied the law.

"This two-year nightmare is finally coming to a close," Andrew Dvash-Banks told reporters. "Ethan has been recognized, as it should have always been, as a citizen at birth just like his twin brother."

The U.S. government had maintained that U.S. citizenship could only be passed along to a child that the U.S. citizen had a biological relationship with.

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