8 Producers Shaking Up Global Club Music With Afro-Brazilian & Afro-Portuguese Sounds

In recent years, a palpable exchange between Brazilian and Portuguese club music has unfolded, one where afro-diasporic rhythms have initiated a transatlantic musical dialogue. It goes without saying that this exchange is largely a product of the colonial history of these two countries. But in this ever-evolving era of globalization, where immigration and digital culture have changed the way we consume music, electronic producers and artists from both places have continued to find inspiration in these styles. Their irresistible, syncopated rhythms have proven to be infallible throughout history, despite a bitter legacy of colonization.

With the spectacular rise of baile funk from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the international mainstream, and the explosion of genres like kuduro, kizomba, and tarraxinha in Portugal, thanks to a thriving Angolan immigrant and refugee population, the sounds of the Lusophone African diaspora have been influential and ubiquitous in recent years. Even Marc Anthony, Will Smith, and Bad Bunny got the funk carioca fever. And who could forget when Don Omar completely misinterpreted kuduro on his best-known song?

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