La Llorona: The True Story Behind One Of Mexico's Most Infamous Legends

Photo by artist Klaire de Ly

"Calmate o te va llevar La Llorona..."


It's a classic: Latino parents threatening disobedient kids with La Llorona, invoking the terrifying figure of a woman so depraved that she drowned her own children.  La Llorona is the ultimate bogeyman, but her story is more real and tragic than you know.


La Llorona has been terrifying Latino kids for generations, but what’s truly frightening is that the story is based in reality.  The legend of the woman who murders her own children out of spite or despair has been a part of mythologies around the world for centuries and makes headlines even today.  It is the story of a desperate woman, her monstrous crime, and her unbearable grief.


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