Why Mia Hall Made Sure to Invest in a Stranger to Build Community

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your daily actions may be about yourself? Whether you’re posting back-to-back selfies on Instagram or unplugging from the world in the name of self care, there is an emphasis on making sure that you keep yourself first in most things. While this may be the case for a lot of us, it isn’t the case for content producer and journalist Mia Hall.

About a month ago, Mia came across a young man in Inglewood named Cameron who was detailing cars to make ends meet. Sparking up conversation was easy for the both of them, and Cameron quickly opened up and explained his story to Mia while also dropping gems and words of encouragement. Mia’s journalistic instincts kicked right in, and she sprung into action and began recording parts of their conversation to post on social media. Cameron’s story soon went viral and BlackLove.com had the opportunity to catch up with Mia to learn more about her random act of kindness, what inspired her to help, and most importantly why community should also be a priority.

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Richard Kang