The Butterfly Effect of Nipsey Hussle


The passing of Nipsey Hussle has sent out shock waves of sorrow, heartbreak, grief, and unanswered questions through the community. I feel it. Deeply. I have to admit; I was never a super-fan. I had an awareness about him that was connected to the positive shifts that he was trying to make in the Crenshaw community of Los Angeles. He stood out from the dime a dozen rappers who have a hyper-focus on the physical symbols of wealth and power such as money, gold, and cars. His vibe and message were connected to self-empowerment through taking care of the body and mind through proper nutrition and education. He was spreading the message of the late Dr. Sebi who had a philosophy around the healing of diseases such as type 2 diabetes through a strict vegan diet and lifestyle, which would help to bring vibrant health into the Black community. Nipsey also used his platform to educate about economic empowerment within his community and I was to find out that in his last week of life, one thing that I did not know about him, is that he was nurturing his spiritual body as well.

I attend Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, led by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. The Sunday prior to Nipsey’s passing, I was on my way to service, and I got an ecstatic call from my friend Diane who had just attended an earlier service. Diane and my friend Jazmine had run into Nipsey at service and Jazmine connected to him about her conscious cannabis company--he was all ears. It was a real connection, and my girl Jazmine was walking on clouds. The last week of Nipsey’s life we spent texting and talking about what a serendipitous meetup this was. It was an opportunity that Jazmine could not have ever imagined would come her way. When I asked her how she felt about it, she texted me: “God was showing out!”

Within one week, Nipsey Hussle was gone.

We were all left reeling on a tidal wave of emotion that we could not even begin to understand—especially Jazmine. Now, as the days continue to roll by, I am becoming more and more aware of Nipsey Hussle’s reach. At last Sunday’s service, Reverend Michael beautifully eulogized Nipsey Hussle and spoke about his visit to Agape and how he had picked up spiritual and metaphysical books while he was there. There is no doubt in my mind that his presence at Agape, (A mecca for new thought/ancient wisdom metaphysical teachings and drawing the likes of Oprah Winfrey and featured in the film The Secret) would have an effect on the community—the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect is the idea that with one small occurrence of the butterfly fluttering its wings, it creates a ripple effect and can be felt far and wide, in this case, throughout society. I know that the ripple effect has been created just by the fact that I personally feel moved to reach out and empower my brothers and sisters within the community. I am consumed with ideas of empowerment, connection, and love in a way that is fully integrated with inspiration and hope.

I am not the only one that is experiencing this. I am hearing conversations all over Los Angeles, as well as noticing on social media platforms the coming together of our brothers and sisters to unite and realize that we are not healed until we all are healed. From the gangs of South-Central LA calling a truce in honor of Nipsey Hussle to spiritual leaders and community members of all colors and backgrounds raising voices and crying out for peace, love, and justice, this is the beauty that we must find after a senseless act of violence has been committed. With such a heavy loss it is time that we realize that there is no separation—we are all connected. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us.

Watching the funeral at Staples Center in Los Angeles, I am reminded by one of the speakers that the last time there was a funeral at that location it was for the mega star Michael Jackson, and a packed house. But this second funeral is an artist with one album and mix-tapes, and the center is packed. This is the effect that this man had on his city. He was a KING and a native son of South Los Angeles, someone who came up in the streets and made the choice to not leave his people behind as he gained notoriety in the world of hip hop. He brought community together.

We cope with this tragic loss in knowing that Nipsey Hussle created a profound wave of positive change that hopefully will expand for many generations to come. His vibe and platform were about creating positive change. I know that so many of us feel moved to be better citizens, to take the baton that he dropped and run with it to continue the race towards the betterment of South Los Angeles and the Black community at large. Nipsey fluttered his visionary wings with a positive message of change and empowerment, and the ripple of love Is being felt wide and far.


This is the Nipsey Hussle Butterfly Effect.






Tech+Media Sylvie Vaught