Diverse Books about Family Inclusive of Two Mom and Two Dad Families

The Family Book. Todd Parr. (Toddler – K)  This book celebrates all kinds of families in a funny, silly and reassuring way. It includes adoptive families, stepfamilies, single-parent families, two-mom and two-dad families and families with a mom and a dad.

Families, Families, Families! Suzanne and Max Lang. (Pre-K – 1)  This book depicts silly animals in framed portraits, and offers a warm celebration of family love. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers – and even Great Aunt Sue – appear in dozens of combinations.

The Great Big Book of Families. Mary Hoffman. (Pre-K  – 3)  This book features all kinds of families with 2-page spreads showcasing aspects of home life –– from houses and holidays, to schools and pets to feelings and family trees. 

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