Minneapolis father of 7 searching for a kidney donor to get life-saving transplant

Minneapolis father of seven, grandfather of eighteen, who has chronic kidney disease is in the ultimate race against time to find a donor. 

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Franklin Keith Bailey just turned 70 years old last month and was recently identified as having End Stage Renal Disease with 7 % renal function. Franklin is on a three time a week dialysis schedule, for 4 hours at a time.

The moments with his wife Rosie Bailey, the seven children they helped to raise to adulthood, and their eighteen grandchildren are precious to Franklin Keith Bailey. 

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Bailey spent his career as a high-powered executive, leading salesman, and early years as a cross-country trucker driving a Peterbuilt big-rig. 

Keith as he prefers to go by is the guy that everyone loves...

He is revered for his kindness and his ability to make friends with everyone. He’s always stood for Justice and has never stopped being the best man he can. 

“To Know Him is to Love Him”

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For anyone who may be interested in becoming a donor can learn more at the UCLA living donor line website.