Home News ICYMI: a TikTok party gone awry, a hijack in Belarus, and more

ICYMI: a TikTok party gone awry, a hijack in Belarus, and more

Photo by Jana Shnipelson on Unsplash

Opposition journalist arrested in Belarus

Belarusian authorities on Sunday arrested an opposition journalist after forcing a civilian jetliner traveling over the country to Minsk to stop. The Washington Post reported that some European leaders likened it to hijacking. Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’s President, has been held responsible for the detainment. The United States, Britain, the European Union, NATO, and the United Nations on Monday lined up to call out the action.

Almost 150 arrested at TikTok party

The police arrested 149 people in Huntington Beach, California, on Saturday because of unlawful assembly stemming from a TikTok party. The gathering called “Adrian’s Kickback” went viral on the social media app causing hoards to attend the impromptu birthday party and vandalize the area. It was a two-day affair with 1,000 people gathering on Friday and Saturday each to pregame.

Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash

Mickelson becomes oldest PGA winner

At 51, Phil Mickelson won the 103rd PGA Championship on Sunday, becoming the oldest men’s major winner. Nicknamed Lefty, Mickelson is now contemplating accepting a special invite to play at the US Open next month. It is the only title that has escaped the six-time major winner.

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