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Involve your Kids in Anti-Racist Art


Sourced from Kesa Kivel’s “Anti-Racist Art Activity”, in collaboration with artist Jessica Wood.

A Los Angeles creative duo proved that no one is ever too young to learn about Black history, racism, and the ways to combat it. Kesa Kivel, an educator, game-maker, and activist created the “Anti-Racist Art Activity” in collaboration with artist Jessica Wood. 

They produced a coloring and sketching activity for children by focusing on historical Black figures like Malcolm X and Ella Baker. The activity is free and available on the Kesa Kivel Studios website. Titled the “Anti-Racist Art Activity”, the project also includes short writing assignments for the elementary and middle school levels.

“In doing assignments such as these, your students will be encouraged to reflect on some of the racist conditions that Black people were facing during the time when the individuals highlighted in the project were active, and they’ll also learn about the organizations that supported them,” said the art page.

This isn’t Kivel’s first activity centered on racial equality. She also developed the “Road to Racial Justice” game by partnering with people from numerous ethnicities and racial groups. “Kesa is committed to sharing widely, and as of 2020, she has received more than 2,800 requests for the downloadable game,” informed her page.

Kivel’s games and activities can be requested from her official website.

Bulbul Rajagopal
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