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ICYMI: Women of color pave the way for Biden’s inauguration, the US braces for potential violence

The inaugural poet

President-elect Joseph Biden’s pared-down inauguration ceremony will be resplendent with women of color performing vital roles.

Poet Amanda Gorman will be the youngest inaugural poet on Inauguration Day set for January 20. She will join a long line of illustrious poets like Robert Frost and Maya Angelou who read for incoming Democratic presidents.

This isn’t Gorman’s first brush with esteemed recognition. In 2014, she became the first Youth Poet Laureate of Los Angeles. Then, in 2017, Gordon elevated to the country’s first National Youth Poet Laureate. The 22-year-old titled her inaugural poem “The Hill We Climb”.

Gorman frequently raised Black voices in her work and plans to allude to the deadly riots at Capitol Hill. The poem runs at six minutes in length. Gorman mentioned her struggle to keep it positive in light of the insurrection. Officials encouraged her to convey the feeling of unity while staying clear of criticizing the incumbent president.

“The poem isn’t blind,” she told PBS NewsHour in an interview. “It isn’t turning your back to the evidence of discord and division.”

The VP and the Supreme Court Justice

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first woman of color to be appointed to the Supreme Court, will swear in Kamala Harris, the nation’s first woman of color Vice President.

The theme of woman power will be deeply set during Harris’s swearing-in. She chose to use two Bibles during the ceremony, reported ABC News. The first Bible belonged to a lady named Regina Shelton, who Harris and her sister viewed as their “second mother”. In fact, Harris used the same Bible when she was sworn in for California Attorney General and the United States Senate.

The second Bible belonged to Thurgood Marshall, the former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, who inspired Harris’s career path.

Sotomayor, on the other hand, also swore in President-elect Joseph Biden when he became Vice President for a second term in 2013.

Statehouses brace for impact

More than a dozen US states secured the National Guard to protect their capitol buildings after the FBI warned them of potential attacks from right-wing groups.

Officials are tightening their security measures after hoards of fascist supporters of President Donald Trump attacked the Capitol, weeks before Inauguration Day.

“Capitals in battleground states, where Trump has directed his accusations of voter fraud, were on especially high alert,” reported Reuters.

As of now, roughly 21,000 National Guardsmen have been appointed by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy to protect Biden’s inauguration ceremony. This means that there will be more troops stationed in Washington, D.C. than in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria combined.

The strive for positivity

President-elect Joseph Biden aims to stick to the advice on positivity his inaugural poet Amanda Gorman received from officials.

“Biden’s address will seek to bridge the nation’s deepening political divide by summoning support from people who didn’t vote for him as well as those who did, according to advisers and allies,” Bloomberg reported.

Officials familiar with his thinking announced that the incoming president will speak about healing a country ravaged by a pandemic that too 400,000 lives, racial tensions, and the worst recession since the Great Depression. The main takeaway from his message will be the need to stick together.

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