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News of the Day: COVID-19 deaths reach 1 million

As September comes to a close, COVID-19 deaths surpass 1 million worldwide. 

The United States has the highest number of cases and deaths, with now over 200,000 dead. The U.S. death toll is more than double that of the other 10 countries with the highest death counts, except for Brazil, which is approaching 150,000 deaths. 

India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, Peru, France and Spain, the remainder of the top 10, all have under 100,000 deaths. India is approaching 100,000, but their population size is over three times bigger than the population of the U.S.  


Time magazine explained, now months into the pandemic, why one of the world’s wealthiest nations failed: 

At this point, we can start to see why the U.S. foundered: a failure of leadership at many levels and across parties; a distrust of scientists, the media and expertise in general; and deeply ingrained cultural attitudes about individuality and how we value human lives have all combined to result in a horrifically inadequate pandemic response. 

Countries like New Zealand and Vietnam have been praised for their relatively successful response to COVID-19. New Zealand currently has a recorded 25 deaths, while Vietnam had 35. Population-wise, Vietnam is over two times as big as the state of California, but California’s death toll is over 15,000.

California ranks as fourth highest among top 10 death counts by states. New York has the highest, with over 30,000 dead, and is more than double that of the other states in the top 5 (New Jersey, Texas, California, Florida). 


COVID-19 data comes from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, which has been sharing information publicly since late January. See more from the rest of the world below.


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