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Target Is Celebrating Black History Month–And My Multiracial Family Is Thrilled


I’m one of those moms who buys almost every single essential household item from Target. From baby wipes, to ice cream, to melatonin, the store is our go-to. Besides being the mecca of all-things-necessary, Target is well-known for providing everything we didn’t know we needed until they showed us—and we’re certainly going to buy.

Once again, Target is winning the Internet for giving the people what they want. This time, it’s the unveiling of their Black History Month in-store displays and brand-new landing webpage. They’re featuring apparel for adults and kids, books, music, toys, journals, and beauty products. My family cannot get enough of it.

We’ve celebrated Black History Month—which is every February—for over a decade. We started when our oldest daughter was only three months old, reading her a board book about Dr. King. Since becoming a multiracial family by adoption, my husband and I took on Black History Month as part of our family’s tradition . . .

Read more by Rachel Garlinghouse at Scary Mommy

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