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Mexico’s synchronised swimming team for girls with Down Syndrome

The “Sirenas Especiales” are a synchronised swimming team made up of Mexican girls and women with Down Syndrome. This photo was posted on the “Sirenas Especiales” Facebook page.

Mexico’s ‘Special Mermaids’ (Sirenas Especiales) is a synchronised swimming team uniquely for people with Down Syndrome. Team members train in a pool in Mexico City and regularly take part in swim meets in at home and internationally. The team hope that hey are raising awareness about Down Syndrome and changing how it is viewed in Mexico.

Former professional synchronised swimmer Paloma Torres first came up with the idea for the “Special Mermaids” (Sirenas Especiales) when she was studying educational psychology about ten years ago . . .

Read more by Chloé Lauvergnier at The Observers

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