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Who is Myster Giraffe?

Who is Myster Giraffe?

That is the question both Will Smith and Cardi B were asking following a now-viral 25 second clip they both shared on Instagram yesterday.

 Image from Instagram
Image from Instagram

The video, which was first posted here, fuses a hilarious Cardi B interview with Will Smith’s face is called a “deepfake.”  No one predicted this type of widespread response. After it landed into the hands of Will Smith and he reposted it, the hunt was on to identify the magician behind it.

 Image from Instagram
Image from Instagram

Mr. Giraffe aka Myster Giraffe, the mysterious faceless creator behind the video, mentioned while “deepfaking” has met some harsh criticism by the public, he sees the benefits when used responsibly and in good fun.  

Myster Giraffe, who is as humble as they come, is thrilled with the viral response and hopes it inspires creators to create what they want regardless of what people may say.

With social media having the ability to spread viral videos like this far and wide, trailblazers like Myster Giraffe are already inspiring young people. The millions of fans that follow Cardi B and Will Smith on Instagram are watching and they are curious about this creative advancement.

Making technology cool is something Myster Giraffe certainly achieved here. We look forward to his future content, and as he says, “This is just the beginning.”

Follow @mystergiraffe and stay tuned to who will be the next victims of upcoming mashups!

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