Home News For biracials like me, the royal baby has special meaning

For biracials like me, the royal baby has special meaning

The historic birth announcement required a worldwide Instagram post, a royal news conference, two footmen carrying a golden easel and one unofficial town crier: Meghan and Prince Harry had given birth to a boy, proclaimed as the first multiracial baby in the royal family’s modern history.

It’s a far cry from the reception I imagine my mother had the day I was born. I’ve often wondered if the nurses averted their eyes and the doctor shook his head as they wrapped me in a blanket and handed me over. Once my mother peeked inside, she would have understood their reactions. Her new baby boy had what some called “mixed blood”.

The fact that I had pale complexion would have been, if not a complete surprise to my mother, then certainly an unwanted complication for her. I was the accidental result of a brief relationship she had during a break in her marriage. She, her husband and my four older siblings were black. Now she had a child her family would jokingly call light, bright and damn near white . . .

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